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Catégorie : Séminaires / Colloques

7-8 March 2016 : International workshop Metallurgy with Synchrotrons

The Institut Jean Lamour organizes an international workshop focused on the use of synchrotron light (high energy) for metallurgy in general. It will take place in Nancy on 7-8 March 2016 (Monday 2 pm to Tuesday 5 pm).
Participation to the workshop is free of charge but registration is compulsory. Click here to registrate


The use of synchrotron radiation for academic and industrial research in Europe has developed over the last years and the number of research groups concerned in France and Europe has risen sharply.

This workshop aims at :
- bringing together the main European researchers in metallurgy, current or potential users of synchrotron radiation,
- updating the definition of the needs of research and development,
- showing the current projects in the field of Metallurgy with synchrotrons.

Several sessions will be held on the different aspects of metallurgy with presentations about studies on Metallurgy using diffusion, diffraction and imaging techniques.

The workshop will compose of :

5 sessions :
- Liquid metal
- Solidification
- Phase transformation at solid state
- Mechanical properties
- Welding / additive manufacturing

1 round table on the future of metallurgy and synchrotron


Click here to download programme

Date and venue

Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th, March 2016
(From Monday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon)
Institut Jean Lamour
Parc de Saurupt – Nancy
Eiffel auditorium
See map

Accomodation in Nancy

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Registration to the workshop

The participation to the workshop is free of charge. Click here to registrate

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