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Support Service of Cryogenics

<font size="1"><i>He liquefier</font></i>

Numerous research studies in the Institut Jean Lamour (IJL) and the University of Lorraine have a vital need for liquid helium. The Support Service of Cryogenics fills this requirement. This service is attached to the Institut Jean Lamour, the main user.

The service produces and supplies liquid helium. 85% of the stocks are destined for users within the IJL and 15% for users outside of the IJL, at the lowest cost and in the most flexible manner possible.

The research groups use liquid helium in their research instruments known as cryostats. Liquid helium (4.2 K) is a cryogenic fluid that is essential for research instruments such as NMR spectrometers, SQUID detection magnetometers, cooling of super-conductor spools, diffractometers, tunnel effect microscopes, etc.

The service has a liquefaction unit (14L/h without LN2 pre-cooling), a compression unit and high pressure storage volumes. The liquid helium, once used and heated, is returned to the cryogenics service (24h/24h) in the form of a gas, by the intermediary of a recovery network. There it is compressed at high pressure (200 bars), treated and re-liquefied.

As helium is rare, its cost is increasing; recycling of the gas is essential to ensure the sustainability of this resource.

The Support Service of Cryogenics is currently housed in the premises of the Artem campus in Nancy.

It is made up of one research engineer and one assistant engineer.

Service supervisor: Luc MOREAU