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Catégorie : Evénements scientifiques

Mardi 7 avril 2015 : Séminaire de Giovanni Finocchio : "Spintronics meets spin-orbitronics: new frontiers in the design of magnetic devices"

L'équipe de l'Institut Jean Lamour en charge de la priorité scientifique "Matériaux Artificiels Nanostructurés", accueille Giovanni Finocchio (Messina University - Italie) pour un séminaire intitulé :


"Spintronics meets spin-orbitronics: new frontiers in the design of magnetic devices"


Date et lieu :

Mardi 7 avril 2015 à 14h00 
Institut Jean Lamour
Faculté des Sciences et Technologies de Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy
Salle de séminaire (4ème étage)


Résumé :

The possibility to have magnetic nanopillars with small size and large tunneling magnetoresistive effect together to the possibility to manipulate a magnetic state by means of spin-polarized currents (flowing perpendicular to the sample plane) offered the way to design new memory architectures (i.e. spin-transfer torque MRAM), nanoscale oscillators and microwave detectors.[1] Very recently, magnetization dynamics in thin ferromagnets coupled with an heavy metal were achieved with an in-plane current.[2] In this last category of devices, the spin-orbit torque due to the spin-orbit coupling is a key ingredient.This seminary will present recent advances in the design of nanoscale magnetic devices based on spin-transfer torque and spin-orbit torque and an efficient way that combine both the effects. Our recent results micromagnetic prediction in three terminal magnetic tunnel junctions will be addresses in detail.


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