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June 2020
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Category: Seminars / Symposia

Mardi 24 septembre 2019 : Séminaire de Nils WARNKEN : Croissance dendritique en solidification dirigée

L'Institut Jean Lamour invite Nils WARNKEN (Senior Lecturer, Université de Birmingham, UK)  pour un séminaire sur le thème :

"Croissance dendritique en solidification dirigée"


Date et lieu :
Mardi 24 septembre 2019 à 10h
Institut Jean Lamour
Campus Artem, Nancy
Salle 2-013


Abstract :
Study towards 3D analysis of dendrite array formation during directional solidification

Dendrite arm spacing is one of the most prominent microstructure parameters of commonly observed directionally solidified microstructures. The relation between process parameters, thermal gradient and solidification front velocity, is widely accepted. Despite this, some aspects are not well understood. This stems in part from the way primary dendrite arm spacings are determined, which give little to no insight how spacings adjust in three dimensional situations. The present work will demonstrate an how state-of-the-art methods can server to overcome this limitation. An attempt is made to trace the evolution of dendritic arrays throughout samples and gain insight into the array dynamics.