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Category: Seminars / Symposia

Jeudi 9 avril 2015 : Séminaire de Giovanni Finocchio : "Skyrmion magnetic technology: from racetrack memory to oscillators and detectors"

L'équipe de l'Institut Jean Lamour en charge de la priorité scientifique"Matériaux Artificiels Nanostructurés", accueille Giovanni Finocchio (Messina University - Italie) pour un séminaire intitulé :


"Skyrmion magnetic technology: from racetrack memory to oscillators and detectors"


Date et lieu :

Jeudi 9 avril 2015 à 11h00 
Institut Jean Lamour
Faculté des Sciences et Technologies de Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy
Salle de séminaire (4eme étage)


Résumé :

Magnetic skyrmions are attracting a growing interest from both a fundamental and a technological point of view. A promising application concerns the racetrack memory, where skyrmions (moved by spin-transfer torque (STT) or spin-Hall effect (SHE)) can be used to carry the information bit, replacing domain walls [1,2,3]. Skyrmions are nucleated in out-of-plane materials, where the Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction (DMI) arises: Bloch skyrmions are stabilized in the case of bulk DMI, whereas Néel skyrmions are obtained in the case interfacial DMI. Here, we’ll show that a skyrmion racetrack memory can be obtained in four scenarios, by combining the skyrmion type and the motion source [4]. In particular, the Néel skyrmion motion driven by the SHE (fig. 1a), exhibits a large velocity-current tunability, as well as a good robustness towards surface roughness and thermal fluctuations at room temperature. The last part of the seminary will show our recent advances in the design of skyrmion-based oscillators and microwave detectors.


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