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ERMIONE Competence Center (Resource Group for Computing and Digital Tools)

The ERMIONE skills center brings together all the IJL's Engineers and Technicians in the branch of scientific computing and calculations.

ERMIONE  works on :

- implementing and managing the IJL's Information System and tools linked to it,

- providing technical tools, methods and resources for the Institute's units and research projects in which calculations play an important role.

The equipment managed includes nearly 800 PCs for office work, calculations and experiments , around a hundred peripheral devices, 20 servers and a calculation cluster representing nearly 1000 cores (CPU+GPU).

The ERMIONE Skills Center is made up of 6 IT staff numerical analysts supported by a technician.

ERMIONE's members currently work on two different IJL sites : the Artem campus in Nancy and the Sciences and Technologies Faculty in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy

Head of Skills Center: Bernard DUSSOUBS