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Scientific calculation

The ERMIONE Skills Center's job is to providing technical tools, methods and resources for the Institute's units and research projects in which calculations play an important role. For this it needs to be a skills and digital science knowhow hub serving its users by:

  • providing algorithmic solutions, digital tools and methods,
  • providing expertise through advice, assistance and memory regarding IJL codes,
  • providing equipment for intensive and parallel digital calculation work (clusters and access to the digital calculation space),
  • acting as an interface between IJL researchers, numerical analysts and mathematicians,
  • facilitating the development of in-house, semi-professional or professional software; code monitoring and computer engineering.




Partial view of the cabinets containing the IJL's calculation cluster


The ERMIONE Skills Center staff have greatly contributed to setting up a hardware and software solution in the form of a calculation cluster representing nearly 1000 CPU and GPU cores requiring large-scale investment of around 1 M€ since 2009.


The ERMIONE Skills Center's aim is to rationalize the management of hardware and software (of which the experimental and calculation park is a fairly significant part).

  • hardware: centralized management of accounts, data, setting up client-server solutions, back-up tools, enabling doubles, rationalizing and homogenizing the park, etc.,
  • software: limiting purchasing and maintenance costs by making site licences a priority and making grouped purchases of licences for a given software programme,
  • human resources: providing a service over the maximum time frame, reducing intervention times by enabling double functions for staff.



Front and back view of an IJL cabinet for servers