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Daµm Competence Center (Deposit and Analysis of Nanomaterials under Ultra-High Vacuum)

The Daµm Competence Center is a technological platform comprised of over 20 interconnected ultra-high vacuum systems, which links development and in situ characterization of nanomaterials.



Apart from this exceptional instrumental park, the Daµm CC benefits from solid skills in the nanotechnology domain, which open new horizons for fundamental and applied research.

The research domains essentially involve thin layer activities.

In 2016, with the installation of the Institut Jean Lamour in its new premises on the Artem campus, Daµm CC will dispose of a novel piece of equipment known as "the Tube", which will allow the inter-connexion under ultra-high vacuum of means of development, analysis and nano-structuration and of neighbouring equipment to characterize materials at the nanometre scale (microscopes, FIB, liquefier, lasers).

This device is unique in the world and is a 40 metre long tube (plus 30 metres dedicated to technological transfer), which will be accessible to the international scientific community and industry.

The Daµm CC is currently located in the premises of the Artem campus in Nancy.

This Competence Center is composed of 2 engineers and 2 technicians.


Head of Competence Center: Danielle PIERRE


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