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Emmanuel Héré competence center – Mechanical and Electronic workshop

The Emmanuel Héré Competence Center is a mutualised structure of technical research support. It regroups a series of skills and material means in the service of the researchers of the Institut Jean Lamour and their partners.
The center has skills in the following fields: instruments, measurements, sensors, metrology, mechanics, soldering, vacuum and ultra-vacuum, electronics, interfacing, electrotechnicals, automation, industrial computing, electricity, etc.

Thanks to its polytechnic skills, the Héré skills centre masters and integrates complex systems, allowing to answer the needs of the research groups.

The missions of the Héré skill center are as follows:

  • Instrumental design and development

  • Synthesis of parts and mechanical groupings

  • Design and synthesis of electronic devices, automatons

  • Interfacing and software development

  • Maintenance of research equipment and technical construction equipment

  • The installation of new equipment

  • Instrumental standardization and calculations of incertitude


The members of the skills center are currently spread over two sites of the Institut Jean Lamour: the Artem campus in Nancy and the Faculty of Science and Technology in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy.

The Emmanuel Héré skills center is composed of 15 technical staff.


Head of the competence center: Pierre SCHMITT

Contact to request work: