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Electronic Microscopies and Microprobes Competence Center - CC MEM

This platform provides the scientific community in Lorraine with material characterization tools using different electronic microscopy and microanalysis techniques (TEM, SEM, microprobes and SIMS) gathered together in one place.

The MEM Competence Center equipment can be used:

- to characterize materials at different scales ranging from a few tens of nanometers to a few hundred micrometers according to the techniques used,

- for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the composition of materials,

- to make X mapping of such elements and of profiles according to depths ranging from a few nanometres to several microns.

Its equipment can be used by researchers from both Institut Jean Lamour, other universities and industrial laboratories working in all sectors.

The MEM Competence Center is currently based on the 'Saurupt' site of
the Artem campus in Nancy.

It is made up of 4 technical staff.

Head of Competence Center : Jaafar GHANBAJA