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Magnetism Competence Center

The Magnetism Competence Center includes 8 tools to perform physical properties and magnetometry measurements as a function of temperature (from 2 to 1000 K) and magnetic field amplitude (up to 9T).


The 8 experimental set ups allow to measure:

- Magnetization and magnetic susceptibility (2 SQUID, 2 VSM, 1 PPMS, 1 Kerr)

- Electrical resistance, magnetoresistance, Hall effect (1 dedicated PPMS)

- Specific heat and thermoelectric constants (1 dedicated PPMS)


The « Magnetism Skills Center » offers 4 levels of services :

-  measurement service both for academic and industrial partners

-  qualifying training, assistance, and tool rental for recurrent users

-  scientific and technical support and advice for data treatment and simulation

- specific technical developments for innovative tools integrated appliances CC (drawing, design, fabrication).


The « Magnetism Skills Center » is located at the the Artem campus in Nancy.
It holds two members: One research staff member and one engineer.

Head of Competence Center : Thomas HAUET



Contact and reservation :

For new users :

For confirmed users :

Reservation of devices must be done online following this link :