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Diffraction-Diffusion-X Imaging and Spectroscopy (X-Gamma)

The X-Gamma skills center brings together all scientific and computing equipment linked to the use of X-rays and Mössbauer spectroscopy.

15 X-ray diffractometers with different configurations whose complementarity has been optimized are available to help characterize materials in any form including:

- polycrystalline (θ/θ and θ/2θ geometries)

- thin films (grazing incidence and 4 Euler's Circles)

- monocrystalline (Laue chamber and 4 Kappa Circles)

- polymer (SAXS/WAXS)

- amorphous

Temperature studies can be run in θ/θ geometry for pulverulent samples and in Eulerian geometry for anisotropic samples (massive or thin films).

Temperature measurements from Nitrogen liquid temperature up to 1200°C can be performed under controlled atmospheres (inert gas, humidity, vacuum, oxydic/reductive atmosphere) can be taken in a θ/θ configuration. Depending on the diffractometers differents wavelength are available ie Cr, Co, Cu, or Mo.

Mössbauer spectroscopy is a technique for the characterization of materials which is very effective and easy to use in a laboratory context. This non-destructive technique can be used to obtain information concerning:

- the valence of the resonant element (isomeric effect)

- the geometry of its environment (quadrupole effect)

- hyperfine magnetic fields

3 Mössbauer sources are available:

  • two 57Co sources which are used to characterize iron-based compounds with transmission and reflection measurements
  • one 119Sn source for transmission measurements

The members of the X-GAMMA plateform currently work in two different premises - one at the Artem campus in Nancy and the other at the Sciences and Technologies Faculty in Vandœuvre-les-Nancy.
An X-ray fluorescence spectrometer at the Metz site is also available for use.

The team is composed of 5 permanent staffs.

Head of Skills Centre: Pascal BOULET