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Carbon-based materials

The research conducted in the Carbon-based Materials group treats many facets of the huge diversity of carbonaceous materials and of their numerous industrial uses. They cover the synthesis of carbon materials, their subsequent chemical and thermal modifications, multi-scale investigation of their properties, and development of application potentials of some of the prepared advanced materials. 

Most of these studies are strengthened by fruitful national and international collaborations.

4 research topics are of particular interest in the group:


The "Carbon-based materials" group is currently based in the premises of the Science and Technologiy Faculty in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy.  

The group encompasses 2 researchers, 5 lecturers, 1 emeritus researcher and 1 emeritus professor and 1 technical staff. It ccurrently hosts 3 PhD students and 1 post-doctoral fellow.

Group leader: Claire HEROLD