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Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Materials

The activity of the Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Materials CEM group is directed towards the study and exploitation of the chemical and electrochemical reactivity of mineral materials.

The approach used by the group associates analytical studies of the behaviour of solutions or solids to characterization techniques.

The research themes of the group fall within an approach linked to renewable energies and waste recycling. They depend on recognized skills (electroplating, electrochemical intercalation and hydrometallurgic treatments) and are the subject of structured academic, institutional or industrial relationships.

They are focused two major axes:

•    Development of procedures of electrochemical synthesis of reusable materials in the form of thin films or nanowires, elaborated in aqueous or ionic liquid medium.

•    Research into electrochemical and chemical methods for material recovery of metal-bearing sub-products and materials at the end of their life, especially for the recovery of critical metals.

The group is based in the premises of ICPM in Metz.

It is comprised of 5 lecturers and two technical staff. It currently hosts 7 doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows.

Group leader: Nicolas STEIN