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Electrochemical study equipment

  • 12 potentiostats/galvanostats including one with a voltage booster (up to 100 V) and three which can be used for electrochemical impedance spectrometry)

  • 3 electrochemical quartz microbalances (from 5 MHz to 9 MHz)

  • Ellipsometry/microbalance/potentiostat coupling

Synthesis and preparation of samples

    • Het processing: tubular oven under secondary vacuum or neutral atmosphere up to 1100°C, oven  with primary vacuum or neutral atmosphere up to 300°C

    • Elaboration of thin films: QUORUM Q150T cathodic evaporation/coating

    • Metallographic microscope

    • Mineralization: BREITLÄNDER Autofluxer

    • Milling: 2 FRITSCH planetary mills

    • FRITSCH Sieve (from 4 mm to 45 µm)

    • HETTICH centrifuge

    • MBRAUN Labstar Glove box for studies in an inert atmosphere (O2 and H2O content under 1 ppm)


    Characterization of solids

    • BRUKER D8 ADVANCE X-Ray Diffractometer

    • BRUKER S4 EXPLORER X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

    • NETZSCH STA449 F3 Jupiter TG-DTA (of nitrogen at 1500 °C under a controlled neutral or corrosive atmosphere)

    • THERMOFISCHER N/S/C Analyzer

          Analysis of liquids

          • VARIAN Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (GTA 120) / Flame (AA240 FS)

          • METROHM 809 Titrando titration system

          • ANTON PAAR AMVn viscometer