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Surface nanostructuration using atmospheric pressure PACVD

Self-organization of SiOx nanodots have been obtained by chemical vapour deposition out of hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDSO) and an atmospheric pressure remote Ar-O2 plasma operating at high temperature (~1700 K). The internal stress of the film being deposited is found to be responsible for this self-organization. When the coating becomes thicker (~ 1μm), and for relatively high contents in HMDSO, SiOx walls forming hexagonal cells are obtained on a SiOx sub-layer. For thicker coatings (> 1 μm), droplet-shaped coatings with a Gaussian distribution in thickness over their width are deposited. The coatings are submitted to high compressive stress. When it is relaxed, “nestlike structures” made of nano-ribbons are synthesised.

Examples of SiOx localized nestlike structured coatings deposited onto 316 L stainless steel for different HMDSO flow rate injected downstream in the plasma jet