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ESPRITS: Experiments and simulation of reactive plasmas: plasma surface interaction and surface processing

The ESPRITS group is interested in the gaseous processes for modifying or improving the material surface properties. Studies concern thermochemical treatment (suc as nitriding and carburizing, which make the surface of the materials more resistant) and plasma processes at high and low pressure.

Scientific goals of the group aim at :

  • understanding gas-surface interaction

  • developing new (plasma assisted) surface treatment processes

The approach
combines experimental work and modeling to both :

  • understand the processes occurring in the gas phase


  • establish relationships between the characteristics of the gas phase and the final result of the process, namely the nature, properties, structure, of the grown layer or modified surfaces

The fields of application of this research cover a range of domains such as :

  • automotive

  • aeronautics

  • thermonuclear fusion by magnetic confinement (ITER program)

  • glass industry

  • biomedical domains

The group's researches are distributed along four main topics which are closely connected by transverse competences in plasma diagnostics:


The group is spread over two of the Institut Jean Lamour sites: the Artem campus in Nancy and the Faculty of Science and Technology in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy.


The group is composed of 4 researchers, 6 lecturers and 5 technicians. It currently hosts 11 PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.

Group leader: Gérard HENRION