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Mineral construction materials

This topic focuses on hydraulic binders and cementitious composites, used in most of the construction structures. This concerns the development of low environmental impact binders and products, a better scientific control of their mix design and the improvement of their durability.

Specifically, the research concerns:

  • Portland cement: reactivity of the cementitious phases in presence of additions and admixtures, mechanical properties related to mineralogy, etc…
  • Alternative cement raws: incorporation of recycled concrete, phosphogypses, fluorspar, etc.
  • Alternative binders: sulfoaluminate cement, mixtures made of sulfoaluminate-Portland
  • Cements with additions: limestone fillers, metakaolins, calcium carbonate precipitate, etc
  • Hydraulic road binders: basic oxygen furnace Slag valorization
  • Cementitious composites: scientific formulation of concrete, alternative mineral resources, refractory concrete, hemp concrete, etc.
  • Durability of Concrete: biodeterioration in the natural environment, strengthening of structures in service
  • Granular mixtures: basic oxygen furnace slags in road techniques
  • Archeological materials: characterization of ancient concrete