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Materials with thermoelectric properties

The "Materials with thermoelectric properties" group contributes to the promotion of thermoelectricity, thanks to its research concerning the materials and the module engineering.

The exploitation of thermoelectric effects allows converting elegantly either electricity to produce cooling or heating (Peltier effect), or heat to generate electricity (Seebeck effect). In the current context of needs for new sources of energy or of cooling and air-conditioning, there has been a resurgence of interest in the thermoelectric technology.

The research carried out within the group concerns the challenges that this technology offers.
It concerns:

  • the development of thermoelectric materials with a strong conversion potential,
  • the module engineering.

The group benefits from an expertise and know-how that have been acquired and maintained for more than thirty years, and their activities are recognized nationally and internationally.

The "Materials with thermoelectric properties" group is currently based at
the Artem campus in Nancy.

The group is composed of one researcher, 2 lecturers and one technical staff member. It currently hosts 7 PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.


Supervisor of the group: Anne DAUSCHER


See the video on thermo-electricity