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Materials Science and Engineering - Metallurgy Department


The research work carried out by the  Materials Science and  Engineering - Metallurgy  research department is strongly focused on metallurgy. It concerns the optimization of the processes and treatments and the thermomechanical behaviour of the materials in relation to microstructures.

The main objective of this research is to develop new materials and processes or improve the mechanical properties of existing materials. In particular for lightening of structures.

It concerns metallic alloys and polymers as well.

Our approach is multi-scale and our work is done "from nano- to macro-scales" by combining experimentation and modelling.

The research done within the department also leads to strong and long term industrial partnership as well as university collaboration.

The department is made up of 4 research groups :

They represent a total of around 40 permanent members including 28 researchers and lecturer-researchers and 7 technical staff members.

The department permanently hosts around 30 PhD students and 10 doctoral fellows. 

Head of department: Sabine DENIS

Secretary: Sylviane TRANCHANT