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Metallurgical Process Engineering

The studies carried out within the "Metallurgical Process Engineering" group fall within metallurgy and process engineering.

This orientation, which is original and put on a long-term footing, has led to international recognition and a high demand for collaborations.

The group activities are structured around two themes: 

- High temperature processes and environment

- Treatment of liquid metals and remelting processes

The researches aim to optimise the processing operations of metals and metal alloys. Our goal is to understand the physical and chemical processes taking place at microscopic and macroscopic scales and to develop models to control processes that are already operational, or to make new ones emerge.

Melting of a metal charge with an electron beam

On the experimental level
, whether it is a question of laboratory experiments or of measurements on industrial installations, the main difficulty is linked to the very high temperatures involved.

On the modelling level
, the research approach is multi-scale: "from the micrometer to the meter". It relies on both the development of dedicated numerical models and the expert use of commercial softwares.

The Process Metallurgy group is currently based at the Artem campus in Nancy.

It is composed of 2 professors, 2 lecturers and 2 CNRS researchers as well as 4 technical staff. It currently hosts 9 PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.

Group leader: Alain JARDY