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The research group works to improve the quality of metallurgical products where the solidification process is critical for further development. To this end, work is conducted on  the understanding of elementary phenomena which occur during solidification and the implications of these phenomena in as cast products as well as further product transformations.


This is accomplished through a general working approach consisting of combined experimental studies at the laboratory and industrial scales along with model development.


Part of our research activity is connected to high-calibre projects such as the "Lorraine Computing Mesocentre" and the "HERMeS" synchrotron beamline for the in situ observation of solidification in metals by X-ray imaging.


Our research activity is conducted along with the Research Network “Solidification of Metal Alloys” (GDR CNRS 3128) and the Laboratory of Excellence “Design of Alloy Metals for low-mAss Structures” (LabEx DAMAS).


The scientific themes investigated are centred on understanding the formation of solidification structures at different scales (size and texture of primary grains, intra-granular microstructures) and segregation (inter and intra-granular, microsegregation and macrosegregation at the product scale).


Four complementary research areas are explored:

  • Microstructures
  • Dynamics of the mushy  zone
  • Casting processes
  • Joining processes


The Solidification group is currently based at the Artem campus in Nancy.


The research group is composed of 1 senior researcher, 2 professors, 1 assistant professor, and a technical staff member.  It also currently hosts 6 PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.

Group supervisor : Julien ZOLLINGER