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Preparation, characterization and properties of new, tannin-derived, porous materials:

  • 7 successive generations of cellular materials :

1- rigid with formaldehyde and controlled structure 
2- formaldehyde-free 
3- modified with isocyanates (mixed physical/chemical foaming) 
4- based on other kinds of tannins 
5- flexible and semi-elastic 
6- partly based on proteins 
7- based on concentrated emulsions (polyHIPEs)

  • aerogels, cryogels and xerogels, possibly comprising natural or synthetic polymers (lignins, proteins, phenolic oligomers, …)
  • monodisperse particles or having unimodal mesoporosity
  • derived carbonaceous or ceramic materials


Preparation, characterization and properties of carbonaceous adsorbents with controlled nanoporosity for:

hydrogen storage (6.6 wt. % at 77K)

water treatment (phenols, arsenic, dyes, …)

detection of traces of toxic or explosive molecules


Acquisition of a characterization platform of porous materials unique in Lorraine region