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Micro and Nanosystems

The central research theme of the Micro and Nanosystems group is the development and characterization of functional materials, notably piezoelectrical and thin films, for the realization of devices of elastic and acoustic waves.

Its different thematic axes are based on the propagation of waves through materials. The applications developed concern sensors, acoustics and passive electronics.

The group's approach consists in structuring materials and integrating them to produce devices and systems destined to be made more attractive to our industrial partners.

The group thus has as its aims:

  • to optimize the development of functional and artificial materials and associated properties.
  • to micro or nanostructure materials, to confer new properties on them.
    This is the case for example of phononic crystals or piezoelectrical nanocomposites obtained by the incorporation of nanoparticles in a polymer matrix.

The work of the Micro and Nanosystems group is structured into 4 main themes:

-   Bio-components

-   Nanocomposites and piezoelectrical polymers

-   Phononic crystals and metamaterial acoustics

-   Micro-sensors and instruments

The group is currently based in the premises of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy.

It is comprised of 7 lecturers, 1 researcher and 1 engineer. It currently houses 6 PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.

Supervisor of the group: Didier ROUXEL