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Nanocomposites and piezoelectric polymers

Development, shaping, functionalization and enhancement of hybrid nanocomposites (inorganic nanoparticles / polymer matrix) for micro-devices.

Coordinator : Didier Rouxel

Participants: Didier Rouxel, Brice Vincent, Camille Thévenot, Nguyen Van Son, Sami Hage Ali

Partners : Pr Sabu Thomas (University Maharma Gandhi, Kottayam, India), Pr Vesselin Strashilov (University of Sofia, Bulgaria), Dr Rafael Jimenez Riobo (Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, CSIC, Madrid, Spain), Pr Christine Galez, Pr Ronan Le Dantec, Dr Yannick Mugnier (University of Savoie-Mont-Blanc, France), Dr Cecile Venet, Dr Emmanuel Sénéchault (Schneider Electric SA), Dr Fabrice Dominguez Dos Santos (Arkema SA), Dr François Bauer (Piézotech SA)

Since 2005 the group has been working on the development and characterization of hybrid nanocomposites made up of inorganic nanoparticles (mainly oxides) incorporated into polymer (piezoelectric) matrices. The long-term objective of this work is to integrate these materials into sensors or actuators in particular for use in the fields of biology and health.

Such nanocomposite polymers can display increased reinforcement (e.g. rigidity), adjustment (e.g. refraction index) or combination (e.g.  non-linear optical qualities conferred by the nanoparticles) properties. A part of our research consists in the experimental and systematic study of the composite's manufacturing parameters (according to the type of nanoparticle, the mass percentage, their functionalization, etc.) and by modelling of nanoparticle dispersion phenomena or matrix reinforcement phenomena through the addition of nanostructures. We previously added to the current understanding of the physicochemical mechanisms involved in the production of these materials with a view to optimizing their properties.

In the second aspect of our research we adapted techniques used to shape thin layers (through spin-coating and coating) and to polarize ferroelectric polymer nanocomposites, so as to integrate them in devices. This is the case of the (P(VDF-TrFE)) polymer used as a matrix particularly because of its piezoelectric properties and biocompatibility. Two polarization techniques (the application of electric fields through contact and through corona) were successfully used on nanocomposite materials developed at the Institut Jean Lamour.


OMR-type resonators made up of a piezoelectric polymer film (P(VDF-TrFE)/nano-LiNbO3) on a flexible substrat (PET)


Finally we developed knowledge and skills concerning techniques used to produce micro-systems (SAW, BAW, etc.) on polymer nanocomposite films which has enabled us to characterize certain of our materials' specific properties (piezoelectricity, coupling coefficient, etc.) and to demonstrate the first applications of such devices along with their advantages over those obtained on conventional, inorganic, thin piezoelectric films (ZnO, AlN, etc.). Different applications of piezoelectric nanocomposite films are currently being studied particularly in the biomedical field.

This group is expert in Brillouin spectroscopy and microscopy, a powerful technique which gives access to the elastic constants of the materials. It led recently the ANR PNANO project NANO-POP, “Nanocomposites with piezoelectric and non-linear optical properties”. It is currently leading the Maturation project DAMCOM, “Dispositif d’Aide au Monitoring pendant la Chirurgie de l’Oreille Moyenne”, funded by the SATT Grand Est. In this last project, the piezoelectric nanocomposite is the basis of a vibration sensor integrated in a surgery tool.

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particles in aqueous solutions     

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