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Scientific mediation

For several years, our research group has been involved in the dissemination of scientific culture and information, and we show our willingness to bring the sciences to a wide audience. The objective is multiple: to awaken and train in science and to the scientific process, to explain and debate the advances and stakes of research with the citizens, to create scientific vocations, to exchange about the professions of the physics.


Animation towards the school

In particular, we propose activities for schools, either in schools or during exceptional days during which we invite classes for an immersion at the Faculty of Science and Technology. The main subject of these experimental conferences is magnetism, very low temperatures, well below ambient temperature and superconductivity. The aim is always to arouse enthusiasm for physics, to make young people curious, to associate them with emotions raised by exploration and scientific discovery.... Transmitting physics that makes you dream, that makes you want to go beyond...

Each year, more than 40 classroom interventions are scheduled, thus reaching more than 1,500 students throughout the region. Teachers as learners are always very receptive and show great interest in this type of action.

Moreover, our team is strongly involved in the Olympiads of Physics France. In 2015, we hosted the first national final out of Paris. It was a great success. Since then, we organize every year the Grand Est inter-academic selection, upstream of the national final.

We also supervise high school students in the framework of Supervised Personal Works or in the framework of production of practical works. In our nanoscience platform, high school students perform 8-hour practical work on atomic force microscopes to determine storage densities on CD, DVD, BlueRay. We also give introduction courses on the magnetism of the computer.

Teacher training


Once a year, we offer a training day for high school teachers. The theme of each of these sessions is defined in consultation with the academic AI-IPRs. Our contributions deal with magnetism, nanosciences, surface treatment (superhydrophobia)

As part of the actions for the “House for science in Lorraine”, we also organize two-day courses for high school teachers with an investigation into the “lotus” effect and demonstrations around nanosciences.

Animation towards the general public


We take part in each scientific event by offering either experimental stands or scientific mediation conferences. We participate in French events (science festivals) and events abroad, such as the “Highlights der Physiks” which took place from 29th September to 2nd October 2014 in Sarrebrück. In this one-week exhibition we have set up a stand on magnetism and storage of information in a computer hard drive.


The team is also behind the creation of a mobile educational exhibition on magnetism, "Magnetica. An attractive exhibition ...". It will be released at the end of June 2017 and will be aimed at the general public and especially the high school students. It will aim at familiarizing the public with some important aspects of magnetism and its applications that are part of our modern daily life.