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Physics of diagnostics (probes, reflectometry, coherent scattering, high-speed camera, etc.)

The physics of diagnostics is a key point of the studies of turbulence and broaches different aspects that lead to interesting research in other domains, such as that of meta-materials, via the development of new digital tools.

To be more precise, the development of synthetic diagnostics requires a full understanding of their function and the extraction methods of the required size, which explains the growing interest of the group for this type of activity.

Our group currently participates in research requiring reflectometry to characterize experimentally the turbulence and to compare the results to those given by the simulation of turbulent phenomena.

The objective is to write a code that will resolve the 3D Maxwell equations in magnetized plasmas, without approximations, to describe synthetic diagnostics. This code is destined to be implanted in the European simulation of the digital tokamak project called "Integrated Tokamak Modelling (ITM)" that should be used as a preparatory tool before all experiments on ITER.

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