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Physics of heating probes (Aline, RF sheath, SSWICH, etc.)

Our group, jointly with the Institut Jean Lamour's ESPRITS group, developed the ALINE experiment that is dedicated to the study of radiofrequency sheaths.

The aim was to understand all the aspects from processes of recovery, through the increase of heat flux and of particles on the walls, to the redistribution of the plasma density in front of the antennas, both in stationary and transitory regimes.

To develop a 3D code, the European SSWICH project relies on the skills of European laboratories working on heating at the ionic cyclotron frequency wci.
The aim is to describe the linkage of an antenna emitting a wave at a frequency close to wci with the edge plasma.
The project is accompanied by the installation of specific experiments, which may be laboratory experiments (ALINE, Ishtar) up to heating experiments at the level of the tokamaks (Tore Supra, JET, ASDEX-Up), to validate this predictive tool.

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Study of RF sheaths in magnetized plasmas

The European SSWICH project: Description of the antenna edge plasma interaction including the Physics of RF sheaths - SSWICH: Self-consistent Sheaths & Waves for IC Heating model