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Study and observation of turbulent transport (Mirabelle, Pivoine, tokamaks, etc.)

In the future, thermonuclear fusion is expected to become a major energy source to help sustainably maintain the current level of comfort in peoples' life-style.

The problems encountered for its implementation correspond to more general concerns addressed by the group, concerning different aspects of turbulence and particle and energy transport in magnetized plasmas, from a theoretical, numerical and experimental point of view.

Our activities contribute especially to research into thermonuclear fusion by magnetic confinement, of which
ITER is the iconic project. The Unit intervenes in the study of turbulence generated by strong temperature and density gradients and of its consequences for particle and energy transport towards the walls of fusion machines, as well as in the transport of energy towards the plasma centre.

The group also contributes to research into Hall effect thrusters (Pivoine facility). The transport of electrons through the magnetic field of these plasma motors is also due to the turbulence seen in the plasma jet.

Research in this domain is carried out in partnership with the CNES, the SNECMA and other French research laboratories.