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Surfaces and Spectroscopy

The "Surfaces and Spectroscopy" group studies electronic properties by:

  • angle-resolved angular photoemission

  • tunnel microscopy/spectroscopy (STM/STS) of low dimension

This group has developed an original experimental apparatus that combines:

  • a chamber for the development of surfaces and interfaces by epitaxy

  • an angle-resolved photoemission spectrometer (ARPES)

  • a low-temperature tunnel microscope (STM)


This device allows the surfaces to be formulated and structurally characterized, and their electronic properties to be studied in direct space (tunnel spectroscopy) and in reciprocal space (ARPES).

The research activity focuses on several themes and takes advantage of the complementarity between ARPES and STS/STM. The main axes are:

  • The study of electronic properties of metallic nanostructured surfaces: especially the nano-structuring of Shockley states of noble metals by the auto-organization of surface nanostructures

  • The study of N body effects due to electron-phonon and electron-electron interactions at the surface of semi-conductors

  • The synthesis and study of auto-organized networks of metallic polymers at the surface of noble metals

  • The study of the electronic properties of graphene on metals

  • The study of the auto-organization of nanoparticles and molecules, and of their electronic properties on the nanostructured graphene templates

The "Surfaces and Spectroscopy" group is currently based in the premises of the Science and Technologiy Faculty in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy.  

The group encompasses 6 researchers and lecturers and currently hosts 4 doctoral students.

Group leader:   Yannick FAGOT- REVURAT