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The Institut Jean Lamour (IJL) is a laboratory for fundamental and applied research in materials science and process; it brings together scientists from different disciplines.

Laboratory-thematic, it covers: materials, metallurgy, plasmas, surfaces, nanomaterials and electronics.


The IJL a joint research unit (UMR 7198) of CNRS and Université de Lorraine. It is linked to the Institute of Chemistry of CNRS.

Its research activities are led by 23 research group sorganized into 4 scientific departments :

  • Physics of Matter and Materials Department

  • Chemistry and Physics of Solids and Surfaces Department

  • Materials Science and Engineering - Metallurgy Department

  • Nanomaterials, Electronics and Living Systems Department

They are supported by 8 competence centers and 3 support services.

Key figures

  • Date of creation : 2009 (after the merging of 5 Nancy based laboratories : Laboratoire de Physique des Matériaux ; Laboratoire de Physique des Milieux Ionisés et Applications ; Laboratoire de Chimie du Solide Minéral ; Laboratoire de Science et Génie des Surfaces ; Laboratoire de Science et Génie des Matériaux et de Métallurgie)

  • Workforce : 550
    76 researchers
    134 lecturers
    98 engineers, technicians and administrative staff
    150 doctoral students
    35 post-doctoral fellows
    46 visitors
    50 interns

  • Publications : 500 per year (including 300 articles in peer-reviewed journals)

  • Equipements scientifiques : 1800

  • PhD students : 30 thesis defenses per year

  • Industrial partnership :
    150  industrial partners
    50 patents
    4 start-up
    3 joint laboratories
  • International :
    Collaborations with 30 countries
    1 Associated European Laboratory
    2 Associated International laboratories

  • Séminars : 200 per year

  • Budget : 9 millions euros

Research axes

To respond to a number of societal issues, the Institut Jean Lamour has defined 6 transversal research, axes :

  • High temperature and cold plasmas - Thermonuclear Fusion
  • Artificial nanostructured materials
  • Advanced Interfaces for energy
  • Metallurgy
  • Theories, Modelling and Simulations
  • Materials and living systems


Implementation in Nancy, Metz and Epinal

IJL's research groups are spread over 4 sites :

- Artem campus, Nancy : this is the main site which regroups most of IJL's research groups ; it is established on the transdisciplinary Artem campus in Nancy, in a new building of 28,400 square meters designed by Agence Nicolas Michelin & Associates.

- Nancy Brabois : this site host the "Materials for civil engineering" research group.

- Institut de Chimie Physique et Matériaux, Technopôle, Metz : this site hosts the "Chemistry and electrochemistry of materials" research group.

- ENSTIB, Epinal : this site hosts the "Bio-sourced materials" research group.