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Appolaire, Benoit, Perevoshchikova, Nataliya, Teixeira, Julien and Denis, Sabine
Solid State Phenomena, 172-174(Part 1):1214-1219
ISSN: 1012-0394

Resume: We have adapted the Quickhull algorithm with the general dimension Beneath-Beyond algorithm [6] for computing the convex hull of the Gibbs energy hypersurface of multicomponent two-phase alloys. We illustrate the salient features of our method with calculations of isothermal ferrite-austenite equilibria in Fe-C-Cr. Finally, successive equilibrium calculations in a Fe-C-Cr-Mo steel over a large temperature range show the benefit of computing the convex hull before performing the conventional Newton-Raphson search.

Equipe: Département SI2M : Microstructures et Contraintes

Daoudi, M., Triki, A. and Redjaïmia, A.
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 104 (2):627-633

Equipe: Département SI2M : Microstructures et Contraintes

Borgese, L., Bontempi, E., Gelfi, M., Depero, L. E., Goudeau, P., Geandier, G. and Thiaudière, D.
Acta Materialia, 59(7):2891-2900
ISSN: 1359-6454

Resume: Amorphous TiO2 thin films were deposited by means of atomic layer deposition on Kapton substrates and then crystallized ex situ by annealing at 300 degrees C to obtain the anatase phase. The morphology, structure and microstructure of films treated for 12, 24, 72 and 90 h were investigated. The local Ti coordination changes were studied by X-ray near-edge structure (XANES). On the basis of X-ray diffraction residual stress calculations, the elastic anisotropy of the films is experimentally determined for the first time (A*(comp) = 0.07, A*(shear) = 0.03). The film macro-strains increased with the time of treatment, while the micro-strains decreased. This effect may be correlated with the incipient anatase-to-rutile transformation as suggested by the changes observed in the XANES pattern of the film treated for 90 h. However, the contribution of the substrate cannot be excluded. (C) 2011 Acta Materialia Inc. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Equipe: Département SI2M : Microstructures et Contraintes

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