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Belmonte, T., Cardoso, R. P., Noel, C., Henrion, G. and Kosior, F.
Informacije Midem-Journal of Microelectronics Electronic Components and Materials, 37(3):117-122

Equipe: Département CP2S : Expériences et Simulations des Plasmas Réactifs - Interaction plasma-surface et Traitement des Surfaces ESPRITS

Morniroli, J. P., Redjaïmia, A. and Nicolopoulos, S.
Ultramicroscopy, 107(6-7):514-522
ISSN: 0304-3991

Resume: In a previous study, it was reported that the possible space groups of a crystal can be identified at a microscopic or nanoscopic scale, thanks to microdiffraction patterns obtained with a nearly parallel electron incident beam focused on a very small area of the specimen. A systematic method was proposed, which consists of the observation of a few microdiffraction patterns displaying at least two Laue zones. These microdiffraction patterns can also be obtained by using an electron precession equipment. In this case, the patterns display a very large number of reflections in the Laue zones whose intensity is the integrated intensity. These original features greatly facilitate the space group identification method and are particularly useful when the high-order Laue zones (HOLZ) are not visible on microdiffraction patterns or when very thin specimens are not available. (c) 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Equipe: Département SI2M : Microstructures et Contraintes

El Hakiki, M., Elmazria, O., BEnEdic, F., Nicolay, P., Monéger, D. and Azouani, R.
Diamond and Related Materials, 16(4-7 SPEC. ISS.):966-969

Equipe: Centre de Compétences : MiNaLor micro et nanotechnologies

Lamura, G, Andreone, A, Yang, Y, Barbara, P, Vigolo, B, Hérold, C, Marêchè, J-F, Lagrange, P, Cazayous, M, Sacuto, A, Passacantando, M, Bussolotti, F and Nardone, M
Journal of physical chemistry C, 111(42):15154-15159

Equipe: Département CP2S : Matériaux Carbonés

Nicolay, P., Moreira, F., Sarry, F. and Elmazria, O.
Ferroelectrics, 351(1 PART 1):225-235

Equipe: Centre de Compétences : MiNaLor micro et nanotechnologies

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