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Titre: Design of a real-time spectroscopic rotating compensator ellipsometer without systematic errors
Auteurs: Broch, Laurent, Stein, Nicolas, Zimmer, Alexandre, Battie, Yann and Naciri, Aotmane En
Journal: Thin Solid Films
Annee: 2014
Volume: 571, Part 3
Pages: 509-512
Keywords: Systematic errors In-situ ellipsometry Electrodeposition Bismuth telluride
Abstract: Abstract We describe a spectroscopic ellipsometer in the visible domain (400–800 nm) based on a rotating compensator technology using two detectors. The classical analyzer is replaced by a fixed Rochon birefringent beamsplitter which splits the incidence light wave into two perpendicularly polarized waves, one oriented at + 45° and the other one at ? 45° according to the plane of incidence. Both emergent optical signals are analyzed by two identical CCD detectors which are synchronized by an optical encoder fixed on the shaft of the step-by-step motor of the compensator. The final spectrum is the result of the two averaged ? and ? spectra acquired by both detectors. We show that ? and ? spectra are acquired without systematic errors on a spectral range fixed from 400 to 800 nm. The acquisition time can be adjusted down to 25 ms. The setup was validated by monitoring the first steps of bismuth telluride film electrocrystallization. The results exhibit that induced experimental growth parameters, such as film thickness and volumic fraction of deposited material can be extracted with a better trueness.
Equipe: Département CP2S : Chimie et électrochimie des matériaux

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