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Publications: Articles


Titre: Non-coherent interfaces in diffuse interface models
Auteurs: Appolaire, Benoit, Aeby-Gautier, Elisabeth, Teixeira, Julien Da Costa, Dehmas, Moukrane and Denis, Sabine
Journal: Philisophical magazine
Annee: 2010
Volume: 90
olabel_issue: 1-4
Pages: 461-483
Abstract: We propose a description of incoherent and semi-coherent interfaces within the framework of diffuse interface modelling: accounting for the discontinuity of tangential displacements is an issue addressed by introducing a new field, called the incoherency field, located in the diffuse interface and able to release the shear stresses tangential to the interface. After having demonstrated the ability of the model to recover trends obtained by sharp interface models of sliding interfaces, the process of loss of coherency is investigated by assuming a local process which would result from the competition between the shear stress release at the interface and the interfacial energy increase.
Equipe: Département SI2M : Microstructures et Contraintes

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