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Titre: Psychotria douarrei and Geissois pruinosa, novel resources for the plant-based catalytic chemistry
Auteurs: Grison, Claire, Escande, Vincent, Petit, Eddy, Garoux, Laetitia, Boulanger, Clotilde and Grison, Claude
Journal: RSC Advances
Annee: 2013
Volume: 3
olabel_issue: 44
Pages: 22340-22345
Abstract: Psychotria douarrei and Geissois pruinosa are known as a hypernickelophore plants. The study of their chemical characteristics was revisited to demonstrate a novel potential of this natural resource for Green Chemistry. P. douarrei showed a unique composition, which led to a novel concept of plant-based catalytic chemistry. The supported Biginelli reaction illustrated an interest of this concept for green organic synthesis.
Equipe: Département CP2S : Chimie et électrochimie des matériaux

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