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Dehmas, Moukrane, Lacaze, Jacques, Niang, Aliou and Viguier, Bernard
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, 2011:9
ISSN: 1687-6822

Resume: Inconel 718 is widely used because of its ability to retain strength at up to 650 degrees C for long periods of time through coherent metastable gamma `' Ni(3)Nb precipitation associated with a smaller volume fraction of gamma' Ni(3)Al precipitates. At very long ageing times at service temperature, gamma `' decomposes to the stable Ni(3)Nb delta phase. This latter phase is also present above the gamma `' solvus and is used for grain control during forging of alloy 718. While most works available on delta precipitation have been performed at temperatures below the gamma `' solvus, it appeared of interest to also investigate the case where delta phase precipitates directly fromthe fccmatrix free of gamma `' precipitates. This was studied by X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). TEM observations confirmed the presence of rotation-ordered domains in delta plates, and some unexpected contrast could be explained by double diffraction due to overlapping phases.

Equipe: Département SI2M : Microstructures et Contraintes

Faurie, D., Renault, P. -O., Geandier, G. and Le Bourhis, E.
Thin Solid Films, 520(5):1603-1607
ISSN: 0040-6090

Resume: Synchrotron x-ray radiation was used for in situ strain measurements in gold films on polyimide substrate during uniaxial deformation tests. We have used an area detector that allows inspecting multiple directions in the polycrystalline thin film without serial sectioning during straining. We show in this paper the configuration used and the attainable orientations on a pole figure for which the x-ray strains are measured. Moreover, we show the effect on the x-ray strains of the onset on plasticity, which was not detected by optical (macroscopic) strain measurement. (C) 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Equipe: Département SI2M : Microstructures et Contraintes

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