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Longuet, A., Robert, Y., Aeby-Gautier, E., Appolaire, B., Mariage, J. F., Colin, C. and Cailletaud, G.
Computational Material Science, 46(3):761-766
ISSN: 0927-0256

Resume: A multiphase model for Ti-6Al-4V is proposed. This material is widely used in industrial applications and so needs accurate behaviour modeling. Tests have been performed in the temperature range from 25 degrees C to 1020 degrees C and at strain rates between 10(-3) s(-1) and 1 s(-1). This allowed the identification of a multiphase mechanical model coupled with a metallurgical model. The behaviour of each phase is calibrated by solving an inverse problem including a phase transformation model and a mechanical model to simulate tests under thermomechanical loadings. A scale transition rule (beta-rule) is proposed in order to represent the redistribution of local stresses linked to the heterogeneity of plastic strain. Finally this model is applied to two laser assisted processes: direct laser fabrication and laser welding. (C) 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Equipe: Département SI2M : Microstructures et Contraintes

Xiong, X. C., Redjaïmia, A. and Goune, M.
Journal of Materials Science, 44(2):632-638
ISSN: 0022-2461

Resume: In this study, hypoeutectoid Fe-N binary specimens have been prepared by gas nitriding pure iron in austenite domain at 840 A degrees C. The slow cooling of these specimens led to the alpha-ferrite + gamma'-Fe(4)N pearlitic microstructure which is similar to the pearlite in Fe-C binary system. This pearlitic microstructure has been characterized by electron microscopy. The crystal structure of the gamma'-Fe(4)N nitride has been identified by electron microdiffraction and the Nishiyama-Wassermann (N-W) and near Kurdjumov-Sachs (K-S) orientation relationships have been found between the alpha-ferrite and the gamma'-Fe(4)N.

Equipe: Département SI2M : Microstructures et Contraintes

Maniana, M., Azim, A., Rhanim, H. and Archambault, P.
International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 48:795--804

Equipe: Département SI2M : Microstructures et Contraintes

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