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Titre: Method for Brazing Two Parts Comprising Copper with a Gelled Brazing Composition
Auteurs: Kenzari, Samuel and Bonina, David
Annee: 2013
Number: WO2013171398 (A1)
Abstract: The invention concerns a method for brazing two parts (1 and 2) comprising copper, comprising the following steps: - preparing a gelled brazing composition obtained by adding water to a mixture comprising a metal powder of a brazing compound and a polysaccharide powder as the gelling polymer, the volume fraction of the metal powder of the brazing compound not exceeding 60% of the total volume of the gelled composition, - disposing the gelled brazing composition in at least one cavity of a junction area (3) of the two parts, the gelling polymer ensuring the retention of the brazing composition in each cavity, - evaporating the water present in the gelled brazing composition, - bringing the two parts (1 and 2) into contact, and - heating the junction area (3) in such a way as to melt the brazing composition and braze the two parts (1 and 2) and the junction area (3).
Equipe: Centre de Compétences : Matériaux et Procédés Additifs

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