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Titre: Method for Producing Aluminum Alloy Parts
Auteurs: Kenzari, Samuel and Fournée, Vincent
Annee: 2009
Number: WO2009144405 (A1)
Abstract: The invention relates to an aluminum alloy part. The part comprises a multi-phase alloy comprising a plurality of complex large-cell metal phases, except for face-centered cubic (fcc) aluminum, said multi-phase alloy having a hardness greater than 300 Hv, a degree of porosity less than 5%, and a density less than 4.5 The part is obtained by a method comprising melting a pre-form by sintering a mixture comprising an aluminum alloy powder and a polymer binder powder, said sintering being followed by removing the binder, then infiltrating the perform thus obtained with an infiltrating agent comprising liquid aluminum or a liquid aluminum alloy, characterized in that the aluminum alloy used to manufacture the pre-form is a quasi-crystalline aluminum alloy.
Equipe: Centre de Compétences : Matériaux et Procédés Additifs

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