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Titre: Electrolyte-Separating Membrane for Selective Transfer of Cations Through the Membrane and Process for Manufacturing Said Membrane
Auteurs: Kenzari, Samuel, Boulanger, Clotilde, Guyot, Elodie, Diliberto, Sébastien and Lecuire, Jean-Marie
Annee: 2014
Number: WO2014131586 (A1)
Abstract: The invention relates to an electrolyte-separating membrane comprising a carrier (21) made of a porous and permeable synthetic thermoplastic material that is larger than 0.8 mm in thickness and an active layer (22) made of a material able to induce insertion and deinsertion reactions for selective transfer of cations through the membrane (2), the active layer (22) being deposited on the carrier (21) and being hermetic. The material of the active layer may in particular be a molybdenum cluster chalcogenide. The invention aims to provide an electrolyte-separating membrane that is able to transfer cations selectively and that may be manufactured with large dimensions. The invention also relates to a cation transfer method employing this membrane and to a process for manufacturing said membrane, in particular by selective laser sintering of a powdered polymer.
Equipe: Centre de Compétences : Matériaux et Procédés Additifs

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