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Toutes :: 2013
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Tous :: L. Alves, ... , Lucio-Porto, Lundin, Lunt, Lüning 
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Lundin, D., Vitelaru, C., Poucques, De, Brenning, N. and Minea., T.
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 46:175201

Resume: A 3D Monte Carlo code (OMEGA) was developed to simulate the transport of sputtered atoms in a magnetron discharge operating in direct current mode. Collisions between the sputtered Ti atoms and the neutral process gas atoms (Ar) were modelled. Spatially resolved simulated velocity distributions of the sputtered particles parallel as well as perpendicular to the cathode surface for different operating pressures were recorded and benchmarked against experimentally obtained profiles using laser-induced fluorescence. New differential (angular and energy-dependent) cross sections for Ti-Ar elastic collisions were thereby obtained, which resulted in good agreement between modelled and experimental results. The differences with respect to commonly used extrapolated Ar-Ar cross sections to describe the Ti-Ar interaction are highlighted and discussed.

Equipe: Département CP2S : Expériences et Simulations des Plasmas Réactifs - Interaction plasma-surface et Traitement des Surfaces ESPRITS

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